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Saft has developed a range of rechargeable Li-ion battery packs to deliver the high power required by HEMV (Hybrid Electric Military Vehicles) and weapons applications. Several configurations, from five to eight modules, are available using two different forms of Li-ion technology - NCA and SLFP. Features include air cooling with optional liquid cooling, integrated electronics management system, and a CanBus communication interface.

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Document Category Last update Language
HEMV Data Sheet Product datasheet 01/08/2012 English DL
HEMV Battery - Datasheet sheet Product datasheet 12/04/2013 English DL
Saft presents new Li-ion battery concept for military armoured vehicles Press_Papers/Press_releases 02/08/2010 French DL
Defence market brochure: Hybrid power for the future Market Brochure 10/10/2012 English DL
Saft wins contract to power hybrid electric mobile utility sytems from Titan Energy Development Press_Papers/Press_releases 17/10/2008 English DL